Daniel Verkamp :: vbediag

vbediag is a diagnostic tool for the VESA Video BIOS Extensions. vbediag is a DOS (DPMI) program compiled with DJGPP. It displays information about your graphics adapter and the modes it claims to support. This tool is designed to help diagnose problems with FreeBASIC's graphics library on DOS. All output is printed to standard output, so run the program with stdout redirected: vbediag >output.txt

Version History

Changes in Version 0.2 (27-May-2007):

Changes in Version 0.1 (07-Feb-2007):


Download vbediag-0.2.zip (source and executable) [39 KiB]
MD5: e7c7180456855ec09722a03e30ca7653

Download vbediag-0.1.zip (source and executable) [39 KiB]
MD5: c79502737d528e57c1652d4c448c3442